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Martin Kevenhörster


Martin Kevenhörster, 34, is a close friend of mine. He studied the bassoon at Folkwang-Hochschule Essen), from which he graduated with a diploma. Now he holds a permanent position as bassoonist at the Dusseldorf Opera. Nonetheless he is always interested in exciting opportunities to play with other ensembles, especially in his favourite area of baroque music and original bassoon instruments. He also heads the Trio aperto and the "freie kammerphilharmonie" (independent chamber orchestra).

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The Trio aperto (Georg "Schorsch" Siebert, Alexandra von Hammel, Martin Kevenhörster)

Malte Refardt


Malte is also a great bassoonist, maybe one day he will even outplay Martin (as he also plays the counter bassoon, for instance). Like Martin he was a student of the really great Dag Jensen at Folkwang-Hochschule Essen at first, later at the Hanover School of Music. He has already played with various well-known orchestras, such as the Ensemble Modern with Hans Zender and the Klassischen Philharmonie Bonn (formerly the renowned "Telekom Orchester"). Currently Malte plays in a permanent position in the NDR Radiophilharmonie and occasionally at the Bayerische Staatsoper in Munich.

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Katja Hertz


My wife Katja is also experienced in classical music, but she plays the cello and doesn't think that the bassoon is such a great instrument. After graduating with a diploma in cello from Folkwang-Hochschule in Essen in 2000, and another diploma in teaching the cello, she now contributes to the cultural future of the young generation by giving celle lessons to children (and sometimes to adults and even OAPs!) Katja and me have been living together in Offenbach since 2005 and have a lot of fun together.

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Martina Koch


Martina is the sparkling media shooting star in my circle of friends. I have known her from the age of 7, when we both went to the same class in primary school in Oberhausen. Martina is a regular author to hip German beautyzine Glamour and the zeitgeist twen identity finder NEON. She lives in a sunny part of Munich and successfully maintains an incredible network of acquintances and friends.

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Dietlinde Bamberger

Dietlinde Bamberger lives in Hanover and works as an investor relations manager at Talanx AG, a company that might well become a household name once it floates on the stock market! She is roughly my age and studied translation (diploma from University of Hildesheim) with a focus on technical writing and translating technical texts. She is originally from Marburg but she lived in Frankfurt for a number of years and it was there that she laid the foundation for her business career. Dietlinde is devoted to Lomography (the art of taking pictures with a cheap Russian 35mm camera) and she sometimes plays the violin.

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Sabine Schönteich

Sabine is from lovely Hildesheim, where she graduated in Cultural Studies with an excellent degree. She has had close ties with Göttingen for several years and in 2000 she decided to move there. If you need first-class contributions to exhibitions in photography or if you are looking for an experienced writer of journal features - she's the one!

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Christian Rode

Christian Rode studied philosophy, German literature and history of art at Bochum University. We met during the first few weeks of our studies when we attended the legendary seminars on Kant held by Prof. Gawlick and Prof. Kreimendahl. We also spent a lot of time hanging out together in the campus cafeteria. People (especially women) say that Christian is a handsome man and that he is highly talented. He wrote his Master thesis on the ens rationisin the works of Franciscus de Prato. With this work he reached excellent marks in his final exam. He received his Ph. D. in 2003 and now works as a senior research assistant at the University of Bonn.

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Marc Schneppensief

Marc holds a diploma in Urban Planning from the university of Dortmund. We have known each other since the glorious days when Marc studied English and history (to become a grammar school teacher), and the two of us attended the incredibly exciting class in Oral and written Communication held by Dr. Bachem. I am sure that Marc will soon find a permanent job, which is no easy task in today's crisis-ridden Berlin. As a secondary profession Marc is a devout pessimist. But this doesn't prevent him from enjoying the groovy side of life. He is always happy when someone sends him an email.

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John Charters

John is from New Zealand and he is a native "kiwi". John teaches physics at the international school in Bonn. He has brought his German to an impressive level of perfection at the Goethe-Institute in Göttingen. John has been a teacher of physics for quite a while - first in New Zealand and later also in England. I still can't understand why he left the maginificent country of New Zealand. If you're interested in physics, New Zealand or wine-tasting - here's Johns email address:

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